MirrorHUD Specifications:

Be aware of your car's status through it's OBD2 system.
Important dashboard information including speed, RPM and average/instantaneous fuel consumption can be displayed.
Power supply: 12V/3A
Voltage: 10V-16V
Sound output: Built-in speaker
Screen: 1.8'' with auto dimmer
Project image: 11''
Image visual distance: 2.3m

Blind Spot Camera Specifications:

Exclusive three divisional images.
Shows the blind spots to assist in driving.
Built-in HDR function. 
Image sensor: 1/3" HD CMOS sensor
Resolution sensor: 1280x800/Output-720x480
Slight of angle: 150°
Operation temp: -20°C~+60°C
Voltage: DC+5V
Electric current: 450mA
Waterproof: Yes
Prop stand: Yes with elasticity
Cable: 5m


What's in the box:

HUD unit
32GB SD card
Blind spot camera
Install ruler

Warranty valid for a period of six months on all products from date of purchase. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of the broken unit at our discretion. The certificate does not provide coverage for lost or destroyed products. Certificate is void if altered in any way. International Warranty not applicable for South Africa.